Thursday, October 1, 2015

So would dope make me more creative?

This time around, all my writing has been sober.

My last writing, in the 1970-80's was somewhat fueled by beer and wine. Basically, a lot of wine at first, and then as I tailed off, a little beer to get my butt in the seat and concentrate.

In the 30 years between, I slowly quit drinking.

Still, I wondered if it would help and I've tried a couple of times.  The answer seems to be, yes it will sometimes help, for maybe a chapter or so, if I was willing to pay the price of being miserable for a few days after. It only helped in the rewriting (which I don't like) not at all in the original draft.

At that rate, it would take me a year to edit a book under the influence. For marginal improvement.

So in other words, no.

So would grass (as I called it in high school) help? Marijuana is legal in my county as of today. I'm always open to the idea of anything that could help me in my writing.

I suspect, not so much.

Besides, when I did it in high school it made me really, really paranoid. Not pleasant at all.

I do remember having some revelations. Waking up to find the revelation was: "Peanut Butter."

And I've always told this story.  I went back over my journals in high school year ago, and a pattern was very clear. I'd have some entries where I was planning to do this, or do that. Lots of activity.

Then I'd smoke dope and for the next week I did nothing at all.  I mean nothing.

So it totally removes all motivation for me.  Not to mention, I isolate myself already and this would only accelerate that.

It's not like I was going to do it, legal or not.  Linda has never been a drinker -- as in, maybe a total of a couple sips in a lifetime. So I'm not going to lead some separate life from her, for either alcohol or grass.

But I'll always wonder -- would it help in the creativity?

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