Tuesday, August 10, 2021

It seems like I spend half my time breaking down boxes, which is onerous until I remember that each of those empty boxes were once filled with books that we've sold. The only thing keeping us from selling even more books is the lack of space. 

Today I added a small endcap fixture, which didn't prove to be as useful as I'd hoped because almost none of the young adult books I hoped to fill it with would fit. (The fixture had been designed for paperbacks, and almost all YA digest are like a centimeter too tall. Arrggh.)


I have to go back tomorrow to finish stocking the books. It seems like I have more or less a four day work week most weeks now. 


The store really, really needs a vacuuming. What's weird is that I'm totally willing to go in and work 4 hours, but going in to spend 1 hour on vacuuming when the store isn't open seems terribly imposing. What's the difference? I have no idea. The hour after work seems extra, but really isn't. All I have to do is go in an hour later in the day. 


Had a guy in who works for an online comic site and he said, "I visit comic shops all over America and this is the best comic shop I've ever seen." 

Thing is, we get this quite a lot. But no one locally seems to know how unusual my shop is. I know my shop is unique in it's approach and presentation, so that really attracts some people. Other people are "eh...where are the back issues?" Or "eh, why don't you have"...some kind of nerdy thing. 

But if you are a pop culture kind of person, I do think Pegasus has a lot to offer. I'm proud of it, at least.

We are still on goal for earnings this summer. It's starting to cool off a little, but that is all relative--it's still sales I would have killed for a decade ago. But it's all relative to how much I spend, and I'm spending at the previous high levels which is making things tight. I'm trying to adjust. 


More or less 3 weeks left of summer. Just need to keep focused on getting through them.

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