Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Writer's group motivation.

Back in the early 80s, the thing that kept me writing was the every two week's writer's group. I always wanted to have something ready to read, so that was motivation enough for me to get going. It didn't seem like a slow pace back then.

This new writing career has been very different. I got in a "zone" after an initial six month stuttering start. Once I got in the groove, I stayed in it for the next year. I figured it would end at any time.

About the beginning of the second year, I first started trying to publish, so that complicated the pure writing a little, but I was still pretty damned focused.

I kept it going the third and fourth year, though by now much of it was routine and habit. By my fifth and sixth years, disciplined has started to become more important.

And now?

I've lost my mojo. Amazingly and counter-intuitive, as least to me, was that my heart attack had me questioning everything. It was probably time for a break anyway. But most of all, that creative urge had been written out of me. The challenge--just finish a book!  Okay, now publish a book! Okay, now try to get it to sell!

Well, the third goal still needs some work.

Anyway, I've definitely stepped back. I have a number of books that I've already written that need some rewriting. This isn't really a great solution--I don't like rewriting anywhere near as much as I like imagining the story in the first place.

But it works for my once every two week reading at writer's group.

When I come back to writing new material, I think I'm going to tackle my Grand Fantasy Trilogy. That's my intent, but...

I never know what I'm going to want to write until I start writing it. Something just switches on.

If either "Takeover" or "Deadfall Ridge" get a BookBub--and the odds are always against that happening--I'll probably immediately set out to write a Hart Davis book again, I have a story in mind.

But until then, at the very least, I'll want to have something to read every two weeks at writers group.


Dave Cline said...

Hart Davis foils right wing terrorists bent on destroying a carbon sequestration plant in Eastern Oregon.

Hart Davis exposes a North Korean enclave releasing genetically mutated mosquitoes releasing a variant of Dengue fever.

Hart David Uncovers a clandestine bitcoin mining installation using geothermal energy to power their servers.

Send me something to read.

Duncan McGeary said...

Hey, David,

If you're serious, I have a short novel I'd love you read. "Eden's Return." You willing?