Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the books, Ariel and Jason (they look good), and the brewski Paul, and the cookies Matt!

We are ahead of last year in sales this month! I truly am surprised.

Had a bunch of sport card boxes walk off on their own legs yesterday; 600.00 worth I could see, and probably more. This happened a couple of years ago, and I was taping them together. But we'd had no problems for all this time, so I quit taping. So....back to trying to protect them. Since our margins really suck on cards, this pretty much represents the profits for the entire season on cards. (Merry Christmas, motherfuckering methheads.)

I have a miserable cold, and normally would skip the family dinner, but apparently my niece Matty from Chicago came home sick, too. I'll just try to keep my distance.

My jaw is aching all the time. I even went to the dentist, thinking I had a cavity. But it's just the clenching. I never catch myself doing it. Tried to self fix myself yesterday, stuck a toothpick under my tongue, which really worked to relax my jaw. Except it's kind of hard to talk, to eat, to sleep that way....

It's happening during the day, apparently, because I wake up O.K. I never catch myself doing it. I've asked friends and family, and they don't catch me doing it.

But yesterday, I had taken the toothpick out to say something to Linda in the car, and I caught myself! So, yep. I just really clamp down, for some reason. I never can figure how the stress in my daily life and the symptoms match. Often, when you'd think I'd be stressed out of my mind, nothing happens. Other times, like right now, things are going really well, and my subconscious apparently decides it's time to wreck my teeth.

So if you see me with a toothpick in my mouth, I'm trying to self medicate.

Only thing I gave myself this year from the store is a Charles Stross S.F. series that was recommended by John of Chugnutt. Oh, yeah, and the now traditional Olivia Pin-up calendar.

Hope you all have a relaxing and fulfilling holiday.


Duncan McGeary said...

Speaking of methheads. Go to the KTVZ.com site and check out the booking photos of the young criminals and tell me that they don't look strung out, one and all.

You know, I think the Bulletin ought to be showing those photo's as well, Young, hopeless people. Should scare all of us, a bit.

Unknown said...

Bummer about the cards, Dunc. And the cold too. But very exciting about your monthly sales! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Young, hopeless people.


They have been around for years, do you ever go to drake park during the summer?? The silver-moon has become the 'bus-station' for white trash waiting for a ride to redmond and/or la-pine.

Do you realize there is NO public transportation to/and from lapines/redmond to/from Bend??

Like I said a few days ago, go to the Domino Room some night for music, and during first set they're pissing on the walls, and doing drugs in public, and during the second set passed out on the floor in the back by the exit. The folks that work there seem to be oblivious, they actually do less harm once their passed out. They usually have their Pit-Bulls running around inside, and one night I saw one of the pit-bulls pissing on this guy passed out by the inside front exit.

Yes, the photos @ ktvz look exactly like the kids at the domino, or the ones every eve at the silver-moon, waiting or a ride out of Bend.

With the coming years economic collapse and our city's desire to densify Bend it should be fun for all.

Want real excitement go to the Bend Walmart, and try to do the parking-lot gauntlet. I don't know why I went their helping friends find a good deal on some stuff, but I counted no less than three mothers, with children asking for 'gas money' back to la-pines, on the to-fro walk to the car, and NOTE all the mothers had the clear 'meth signs', nice young women, but scab's all over the skin.

Anything new here? Hell no, its what I call the 'real Bend', the kind of Bend that makes Bend the #1 resort in America ( DVA/VCB wwww.visitbend.com )

There has been ton's of losers here as long as I can remember.

Duncan McGeary said...

By the way, Bendbust, I thought you were way over the top exageratting about the fees that condo owners were subject to, but the article about the Inn of the Seventh Mt. was worst than I could've conceived.

Of course, I've never understood buying a condo for the same price as a house in the first place. It's the west! dumbshit!

You know what, by the way. I haven't done any anonymous posting -- yet. But I've been tempted, and I sure one of these days I will.

Anonymous said...

Bendbust, I thought you were way over the top exageratting about the fees that condo owners were subject to, but the article about the Inn of the Seventh Mt. was worst than I could've conceived.
I don't want to pick on you, buts its the reason I'm so hard on you guys.
The problem in general with this blog non-sense is the majority are renters, and NOT a fucking clue of what's really going on.
This condo thing is just the begin, note that +25 years on inn@7th, is the prob, and figure Eagle-Crest is next, this shit needs to be torn down, as a builder, I can tell you that condos always have a 15 yr life.

So, many issues, so little space.

I think discussing the kids is a good issue, do you have any continuous cameras in your store to pick up the theft, note these cameras are dirt cheap these days, and hooked to a pc, super cheap, and they only record on movement, ...

I know last year there was a robbery next to one of my property's, and the robber parked his car in front the camera plate and all put on a mask, tried to rob a biz, and then went next door because the door was locked, broke into one of my places, stole some worthless shit, but the cops got all, turned out they knew the guy fairly well one of the regulars.

Just get a few cameras, wide angle, motion detector, feed them to your network, use home or work as a server, and the cops will do all te work, with the data these days. They have all the image recognition software already integrated with fingerprints.

The point is if you do this you can nab then in the essential 1-2 days and get your shit back, before its pawned too far down the food chain.

A couple $100, can get you a lot of surveillance.


Regarding the condo shit, I don't have to make this shit up, I know lots of owners at the inn@7th, its too bad that all our bloggers are renters, and don't have a fucking clue about what the fuck is going on in Bend.

Anonymous said...

Dunc said he was shocked by the the latest inn@7th charge, but lets get back to the specifics with the fucking loser rental crowd here.

All the issues like broken-top, inn@7th, tetherow, are all abstractions because the average bend-blogger is a minimum wage loser renter, end of fucking story.

It's not just the fuck bend losers, its the common blog strain nationwide, especially cali, where bloggers, try to console one another how they were smarter as renters, have not bought on the high.

Fact is its always best to own, in the long run, most great fortunes were made on real estate.

Ok, back to fucking inn@7th, so lets do a status report, 2 yrs ago Pape buys inn@7th, and raises HOA's from $50/mo, to $1,000/mo, 60% sell, and prices drop from $180k to $30k, then every 'jew' I know ( god bless the hebrew, because I'm one myself ), they bought them up at $30k, and quickly price went back up to $120k, even with the new $1k/mo HOA.

Now, the Oregonian reports that a new assessment of $70k/condo ( $11k per 1/6 share ) is immediately due to pay UPGRADES. Well HELLO. Condos have a life of 15 yrs, inn@7th is pushing 30 years, hell they built it long after I moved here.

I don't find this all interesting, accept that Bend #1 resort in the west is all about condo's, and 'eagle crest' is next, even your (1/6) time share WHORES, note the $11k, is MORE than most of you paid when you 'bought' your fucking time-share with the 'right' to rent a room for $150/night.

You have to be ONE FUCKING MORON to buy a Bend Condo, which gets back to 'Homers Hard-On', Becky aka Plaza.

The problem with all this RE blogging is its like talking about sex to eunuchs, loser renters with no skin in the game, and never having done anything other than live in moms garage ( HBM ), ya its all like a video game.

Ah, well I do NOT write for people to read, I write for history, so that in years to come people will come back and read this shit, and have a view of how Bend really was during the 'times'...

Have a good night, dunc, and get lots of nice little cheap IP-Cameras for your shop's, if your not sure what to buy, I'm sure we can all offer our two cents.