Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Year End Results at Pegasus Books.

I've done the year-end figuring on Pegasus Books for 2018.

Every category was up but comics. We were down...just...slightly overall, not so much that it affects us much. And while the monthly comics were down, graphic novels were up significantly.

In May, we expanded the space for graphic novels and books by quite a bit, and that really seemed to spark a resurgence.

I'm especially pleased that games saw a slight increase because suddenly everyone and their uncle are carrying Euro games. Target and B&N and everyone else. For years I was pretty much the only one in town that carried a full line. A game store did come to town, but we were still able to increase sales. But when the big boys start carrying games, then you have to be careful.

I'll try to maintain games at the current level, at least.

Books are doing well, and I'll continue to support and increase them. I'm low on space, as usual, but there is still room to grow.

Card games did pretty good, mostly because I supported them fully, carrying every release of Magic that was affordable.

Graphic novels really kicked in almost from the day we expanded our display space for them. We basically went from no covers face-out to a quarter of the store face-out. It looks better and highlights the graphic novels much better. Plus we have room to keep expanding for once. When I say that comics are down, this doesn't include graphic novels, which are climbing.

Toys are hit and miss. I can really only afford to carry them when they are on sale. So I grab them when they drop in price. That seems to work pretty well.

So overall, I'm pretty pleased with the results. The increases in all categories almost completely covered the drop in comic sales, as planned. We're still well into the black. As long as I continue to pack the store with product, I think we'll thrive.

Best of all, I can continue to pay my manager, Sabrina, and my weekend guy, Dylan--and continue to write!

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