Sunday, September 9, 2018

Been a little stuck over the last week on "New Brave World."

I think I was putting too high expectations on the story. I don't seem to have the same sort of urge I've had over the last 6 years or so to write every day. I could see myself stalling on this, which after stalling on "Castle LaMagie" and "The Wyvern Riders" would be a worrisome trend.

So this morning I told myself to cut to the chase--write the story straightforwardly without any embellishments, don't worry about length or depth, just get it done.

That seemed to free me up. I have a plot of sorts in mind, but was trying to figure out how to get there. Well, I get there by getting there. Just do it.

Crossroad Press has come up with a cover for "Shadows Over Summer House." The house doesn't much resemble the house in the book, and it probably accentuates the horror more than the Noir, whereas I think the story is more Noir than horror, but I'm not sure I'm in a position to be demanding. I did send a picture of a truly Victorian house, but I'm fine with the cover the way it is.

As soon as I'm done with "New Brave World" I'm going to finish off my "Lander" series once and for all.

Faerylander and Zombielander are done, but I'll need to read them one more time. And I then need to adjust Wolflander and Ghostlander to the changes in the first two books. It really shouldn't take more than a month or so.

One month = 4 books. I need to get on that.

Same with my "Tales of the Thirteen Principalities." Almost done. In this case, more like two weeks = 4 novellas. Stupid of me not to do that.

Than, hopefully before the year is out, get a good start on the next Virginia Reed story.

For the rest of September, it's writing "New Brave World" and seeing what the editor and beta readers have to say about "Fateplay" around mid-month. I'm going to send that story off soon after.

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