Monday, August 28, 2017

Last chapter willies.

One chapter left to write, but it's a big one. Lots of action, a lot of head hopping, a lot to wrap up.

I admit, I'm intimidated by the idea. I think the plot has worked up to this point, but none of it works if it isn't brought home hard.

I used to rush the endings. I remember knowing I was doing it but unable to help myself. Stupid. Strange though that I've kind of gone in the opposite direction; slowing down as I near the ending. It isn't that I don't want to finish, it's that I want to really nail it. 

I spent a week on the penultimate chapter because I couldn't figure out a "trigger." I finally realized whose point-of-view it had to be and that helped, and then I realized the approach. I'll need to do the same thing with the last chapter. Feel it strongly before I start writing it. Have the scene completely blocked out before I start.

I suspect there will also be an epilogue of some kind. The thing about epilogues is that they are best written after some time has passed. I change epilogues most often when the story has had time to settle and I realize what really needs to be said to sum it up.

My twilight canals walks have been very inspiring, for some reason. But it also means I have to wait until the end of the day and then hope something happens. I'm going to just think about the last chapter today, not actually try to write it. Go on my twilight walk and if it happens, great, if not...I still have 3 days to finish it.

Four days for one chapter is like 4 times my normal time, but this is probably 4 times more important.

I have the ending more or less in my mind, though not how to get there. I'd love it if a surprise popped up. I purposely held off really thinking about it much in hopes that a twist would emerge. It may still.

Then again, the entire focus on this book has been to be as realistic as I can make it. Therefore the twist would have to be realistic, and twists by their nature aren't.

Except the good ones.

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