Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My editor received "Deadfall Ridge' and says he will read over the next two weeks while traveling.

He says, "Good first chapter!" That's encouraging.

All I really want is a fair hearing, and it appears I'll get one. I don't know if the rest of the book is good enough, but I did my best. Also, he's following up getting the contract to me from the previous book, which I haven't gotten yet.

Was wondering about that.

It's funny, right after I sent the book, the usual doubts hit and I wondered if I should have written beginning different. Continue Sherm Russo's POV from the first chapter (which has gotten good comments) then skip chapter 2, winnow down a couple of other chapters, get to the action a good 10 to 15 pages sooner.

Oh, well. It's time to let Gary look at it and tell me.

If he doesn't take the book, I'm going to try not to be dispirited. This was a learning experience, and I'll take what I did and apply it to another book.

Gary seems to like my writing, so I'm hoping he'll work with me to get it better. He appears to be invested in me as a discovery, at least I hope so.  

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Dave Cline said...

What about writing a bunch of 1st chapters? Or the minimum that most lit. agents / publishers consume on your average submission w/cover letter.

I mean, why spend the months writing something that not one of 50 agents want to read. Why not just spend the week writing 5000 words that will get you in the door. That plus a solid outline, and there you go.

"Don't send us unfinished manuscripts!" Bah! Losers!

• Would you build a boat nobody sailed?
• Build a building nobody used?
• Build a train nobody road in?
• Raised a garden nobody ate?
• Wrote software nobody used?

NO! You wouldn't.

Design it first -- technical spec it to within an inch of its life, get approval -- and THEN write it. This publishing industry SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. It's all wrongly designed and managed.