Friday, March 17, 2017

I need wilderness tricks.

I've got my main character on the run in the woods, pursued by six hardened heavily armed mercenaries. So I need some believable things to happen where he manages to winnow them down one by one.

I've thought of traps, fire, rockfalls, flashfloods, bear dens, crossfire, snowfall, and so on, but whatever I do needs to sound believable.

The next half of the books things need to tighten up more and more for the hero, so that he barely survives, and is driven to more and more desperation. Then there needs to be the moment when he turns the tables on them, begins to take them out, for another third of the book, and then the final denoucement.

So far, the wilderness guide thing hasn't been as much of a hurdle as I expected, because its just been normal deer hunting, and I know how to do that.

Basically, everything from here on out is action, action, and more action.

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Dave Cline said...

There are some fascinating youtube videos on bushcraft. Some? I should say hundreds!

If this is hunting season, then snow is coming...

Maybe there's an old mine, with a box of volatile TNT... old mine shafts...

Glass Butte, and its obsidian... Thunder-eggs... petrified wood... (all cool Oregon mineral references)

Hornets or wasps?

A hermit - Kalapuya indian living in a box canyon?