Sunday, October 30, 2016

Talked it out with myself about the ending of Lucifer's Forge. (Yes, I live in a world where I talk to myself, not only at home, but on my walk. So...crazy guy.)

Got a handle on about half of it. So I'll write that half and hope I come up with ideas for the other half.

I feel like I'm back on track.

This 1000 word a day thing is pretty strange. I was pretty sure that I'd break out of this slow pace after awhile, but I've now done it for 28 days, and it looks like I'll continue doing it to the end of the book. But after this, I think, I'll try to go back to my 2000 word a day goal.

This is a challenging book, but if feels right. I think there is a good story here. I just need to validate it with a sense of reality, if possible.

I've got rough endings for two out of the four story threads and some vague ideas on the other two.

I realized yesterday that I might be making the same mistake I made in Snaked. I set out in that book to write about poisonous sea snakes, and then let the tsunami overwhelm the last third of the book. Thanks to Geoff at Cohesion Press, I went back and added more sea snakes chapters and it made the book much better, more satisying.

So in the last third of Lucifer's Forge, I've concentrated on the fires and the firefighters, and have let the terrorists slide. So my goal now it to get the terrorists back into the story, and satisfy that part of the story.

The big thing is, each day I write, I'm coming up with scenes that I think work.

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