Wednesday, April 26, 2023

I've been neglecting this blog. But today I have news!

Thing is, I write here everyday but only for myself. I don't post these. I think I've reached a point of wondering whether my opinion matters in anything. I mean, am I really saying anything that hasn't already been said?

The stuff I write to about myself are tentative, self-doubting, not exactly flattering. Or slightly politically incorrect. Or a little mean toward others. When I first started, I was worried about what other people would think of me, but the farther along I went, the more I worried about what I thought about other people.

Either that, or I'm talking about business in ways that compare my store to others that I don't really want others to read. 

Or I'm talking about mundane things like dreams I've had, what I did that day, and so on.

In the beginning, I told myself a blog was worthless if it wasn't truthful and candid. But the more truthful and candid I try to be, the more I risk insulting others and/or having people judge me. 

But if I water it down, then it comes across as so mild as to not be worth saying. 

Anyway, at least today I have a little news! Pegasus Books' manager, Sabrina, has a comic she wrote coming out today. It's call "Tales of Nottingham," and is a genesis story of Maid Marion.

We have a special variant Pegasus Books cover coming in over the next ten days or so, which we'll have for sale. Meanwhile, we have the regular cover and the writer there Tuesday thru Saturday to sign it!

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