Monday, September 5, 2022

Falling off the charts.

Falling off the charts, which is what happens when you don't write for a couple of years. 

"Deadfall Ridge" still sells almost every day, but other than that. 

I've been organizing the used books in the garage that I've been accumulating for years with the expectation that I might want something to do in my retirement: perhaps a small used bookstore in Redmond? That only needs to pay for itself? With maybe another couple of retired folk ready to fill in when I don't want to work or want to travel?

I mean, it probably won't happen, but I have the fixin's: bookcases and books, a cash register, and various and sundry fixtures. 

Anyway, going through all the SF and Fantasy titles, it just makes me realize that there are no shortages of books; multiple series and books by authors I never heard of or don't remember. All, as far as I can tell, no longer writing.

Where did they all go?

I suspect most of them got tired of banging their heads against the wall. 

Something most non-writers don't realize: almost all books come and go without much notice. It has nothing to do with quality, really. Good books are overlooked, bad books are promoted, and vice versa. There was a meme posted yesterday that most books don't sell more than a dozen copies in a year. What this little nugget left out was that it included all books, including those I mentioned above: books past their selling date.  

Nevertheless, the truth is most books don't sell for long. It's just a fact. It isn't sour grapes to point it out. It's the way of the world.

I very much enjoyed writing my books and I think some of them are pretty good. That may sound self-aggrandizing, but really, it's hard for me to give myself credit so in a way I'm trying to get past that imposter syndrome. Yea, I conclude. Some of the books are pretty good if you're into my mindset...

I'll probably start writing again when I retire and who knows?

No one knows, not even the Shadow. heh.

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