Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Meet the neighbors.

Went to a block barbecue yesterday--well, I missed the barbecue because of work, but came in at the tail end to meet the new neighbors. We're all pretty new to the cul de sac, really. Linda and I have been here for 3 years, 5 of our neighbors are newer than that, with about 3 old timers and 1 renter. The block is now completely built in. 

The new house across the street apparently has been sold for an outrageous amount of money! Yea? If I divide the square footage, it would indicate our house is worth 40% more! Of course, that is all good and well, but if we sold we'd have to find another house for about the same price, right? Heh. As I say to Linda, "It just means the kids will be able to put us in a nicer nursing home when the time comes."

Anyway, all but two of the newer folk showed up, (one seems to be out of town, the other has been a bit standoffish since they moved in). One of the old-timers hosted the event: you know, the guy everyone gets to know because he's so friendly, and two of the old-timers ignored it. Which is consistent with how they've been since we moved in.

I swore that this time I would get to know my neighbors. We don't plan on moving anywhere.

There was a time when I would have avoided the event, but I've come around. I'm finally socialized, I guess. It took a long time--lots of exposure to people at the store, Linda's calm demeanor, and a little help from "mother's little helper" here and there. It was pleasant, and I do like to know who my neighbors are.

Of course, I forget everyone's name if more than a few days pass, so I've asked Linda to write down everyone's name, including pets, so I can study it. Weird, I know. I'm very much a recluse, but I'm trying.

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