Sunday, December 31, 2017

Climbed quite a ways into the south edge of Henderson Flat OHV area. Weren't any OHV's but about halfway up was overtaken by a trio of galloping horse riders. Went a little further and ventured off the trail, (I'm more and more willing to do that as long as I can keep track of where I am). I tried to reach some awesome looking pinnacles in the distance. Basically, if you kept traveling along the same hills that have the Smith Rocks for a fair distance north, it would be like the last outcropping.  Had to go hike straight up an extra mile, following a dry creek bed, and even then came up short.

Spending these last three days of the year trying to think about what I want to write.

All I know is that there has to be some substance and I have to want to write it. Other than that, I'm waiting for inspiration.

The woods are amazing. It's probably weird that I'm so willing to walk about by myself, but it always feels good. The weather is just right; the sun shining but cool enough. Completely silent, no traffic sounds, no motors, no planes, no gunfire, no internet. The ground is moist but not muddy, soft to the step. What a wonderful place to live--innumerable out of the way places less than half an hour from town. More than Bend, frankly, so it really has turned out to be a good thing to have moved here.

I've trained myself to write on these walks, which may explain how come so many of my stories are taking place in the High Desert. It's just a natural background.

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