Friday, September 16, 2016

The Small Business Survival Handbook is going to require a lot of rewriting. Which, unlike my fiction, I seem to be willing to do.

My assertions need to be clear, my arguments marshaled carefully. I want evocative and interesting examples, well-formed sentences, almost aphorisms.

I'm not saying I'm smarter or savvier than other business owners, but that I have 37 years experience, that I learned much of what I know by trial and error, more more often error and error. That my conclusions are often the opposite of perceived common wisdom.

I'm not saying my conclusions will be right for everyone, but it wouldn't hurt to consider them, and to also treat the common wisdom with a smidgen of salt.

There wasn't anything like this handbook when I got started--I still think there isn't. Most business books are boosterish. I'm not trying to be a troll about it, but just saying, "Watch out. What everyone tells you might be wrong."

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